I have always heard the call of the plants, nature, all of it. When I was a kid we spent all day and into the evenings outside building forts, sweeping dirt, singing with the stream. My dad always had a big garden and we always were helping, weeding. If only I knew then what I know now. Herbalism and communicating with nature was always in me – it just all came naturally, the sunshine was my medicine for sure.

I have worked on farms, from a small annual flower company (I loved that job!) to a small local place called Baltimore Resources & Voices Of Women in 1991. Those experiences opened me up to many alternative healing practices. Through landscaping, working in the dirt, and by luck, working with a naturopathic doctor in Reisterstown (I dare say 1996) everything fell into place. In addition to those experiences, I worked with children from ages 6 weeks to 10th grade in the class room and after-school. I was so fortunate to have an amazing mentor, working with kids made me really listen and aided my already enthusiastic cheer leading personality.

I opened a small stand 12 years ago, after doing the festival & farmers market circuit, at Mill Valley Garden Center in Remington. So fortunate to have that opportunity – not a huge overhead which allowed me to grow at my own speed. Then I moved into Falkenhan’s Hardware Store on the 2nd floor in a small office space. Word of mouth really is the best. After two years being there I opened a storefront across the street (where I am today), opened for business on October 11, 2012, and we have been riding the herbal wave since then.

I teach everyday! I heard the call and answered it, it has not been easy I am so happy that there has been sort of a renaissance again in the herbal community here in Baltimore. Each year I am busier and busier which is a great sign. People are hearing the plants and really wanting something different then popping pills or taking medication that just isn’t working anymore for them. I feel truly honored to serve my community and the plants. It is all about simplicity, respect, love, and honor. I feel humbled always by the power and magic of the earth’s gifts for sure.

When you come into the shop we recommend you just put your phone away sip, on a tea we may have brewed, and see what calls to you. I am also very into the weeds and what grows in our backyards, concrete, parks and farms that people may overlook. So much medicine in chickweed, shepherds purse, plantain, violets, burdock, cleavers, garlic mustard, and so many more.

Thank you for checking us out! We are all about small custom batches of products and seasonal medicine too. I practice what I preach… The plants are my first go-to with any ailment and I must say so far I’ve never been disappointed

enJOyall hope to see you soon! “Live simply so others may simply live”